Working Cloth was founded by Lauren MacDonald in May 2016 with the intention of bringing an appreciation for textile processes and craft practice to a wider audience through a combination of workshops, gallery shows, and commissioned textile works.

Her approach and aesthetic have been tempered through academic studies in Material Culture and Textile Science, vocational experience in the London fashion industry, and an ongoing obsession with materiality, form, and functionality.  While drawing guidance from historical design movements and with an innate respect for those who came before her, Lauren seeks to create a contemporary aesthetic through experimentation and self expression. 

Her first solo show as part of Sydney Craft week in 2017 combined an interactive soundscape created in collaboration with composer Alyx Dennison and a series of intricate, geometric, textile pieces. She continues to explore the combination of emerging technologies with traditional craft techniques.

WORKING CLOTH Work shops span cultural, heritage and contemporary fashion practise and contain a theoretical component that grounds the practical techniques in history and theory.



Each Working Cloth object is carefully crafted in studio. Textiles are selected for their handle and content, cut to size and machine pieced.  An organic cotton or wool wadding is layered between the quilt top and backing,  stitch basted, and then carefully hand quilted. Wastage is reused in studio to create smaller coordinating objects or archived for future projects.