Who Are We? // Artist Residency


Who are we? Is the product of a month long artist residency culminating in an interactive textile and sound installation that explores themes of community, shared history, and postmodern narrative. The project began with the intention of creating a sense of unity as three Edmonton public schools - Mount Royal, Montrose, and Highlands - will merge in 2020.

LM_Who are we_Render Draft_Front.jpg

I, in collaboration with the students and staff of Mount Royal, Montrose, and Highlands school to create a textile sculpture that reacts to touch. The sculpture is separated into three sets of three prisms - each with unique sounds recorded during my month at the schools. Some elements of the soundscape reflect the commonalities between the environments; others explore the differences. The prisms can be hung independently or brought together to create a unified whole.

Students were asked to participate in one of two ways - to be recorded as ambient noise or to respond to the question “Who are we?”.  The resulting sounds were then combined by the artist and programmed into a series of circuits that are triggered by proximity and pressure sensors on the prisms.

Who Are We? 2018

Mixed Media

205 cm x 205 cm x 45 cm.

Thoughts for Hanging.jpg